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Low Back Pain....Nothing to Fear!

Low back pain is defined by pain felt between the 12th rib and the gluteal fold. acute lower back pain can be described generally resolving in around 6 weeks. Between 6-12 weeks is considered subacute stage and at 12 weeks (3 months) or more it is considered to be chronic. Acute low back pain is generally non-specific in nature, this meaning there may not be any specific pathoanotomical findings for the low back pain non-specific low back pain makes up for about 90% of all low back pain patients. Low back pain can also cause referral pain down into the leg, behind the knee and can reach the foot known as sciatica. Although acute lower back pain has shown to have a good prognosis, a potential of a reassurance may be follow.

The following is only 1 example of contributing factor of low back pain, which like heavy lifting. Bending over and lifting something heavy is typically not sole reason for the low back pain, although the single action may be the last straw that has broken the camels back…..........pardon the pun.

Our spines are made to tolerate load, they are designed for that. The main issues with low back pain are the surrounding structures, like the glutes & the abdominals/core muscles may not be doing their job in helping with the back, therefore all that load is being tolerated by the structures like the muscles, tendons, joints, ligaments in the low back.

Low back pain may not only affect these types of people but can affect anybody in any professions from office workers who may sit for hours on end in postures which put strain on these structures or due to the lack of movements can further weaken these structures causing increased loads in the low back.

One of the most important & big things that I hear and see with low back pain patients is that people will feel the need to stop moving or think that rest may help…when in reality, it is quite the contrary. Movement and exercise is by far the best and most effective treatment for patients with low back pain. Even going for a simple 30min walk everyday can moderately decrease low back pain over a 3-6 week period. In initial phases, manual therapies such as massage can be used to help settle the back and provide some short term relief, however for long-term results with combination of both with more emphasis on movement is essential.

While low back pain can be quite debilitating, you should not fear the injury! If you are someone that suffers from low back pain & would like more information on how Clinical Myotherapy may help with your low back pain please feel free to get in contact us at ATEM Health or book a consultation with us today.

disclaimer: don't bend over a rubbish bin or anything else for that matter!